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Free Meditation Class for Adults and Children (Saturday)-Teaser
19 May - 22 Dec
Allow yourself to relax and regroup as we entertain the kids with enriching programs! ...
Venerable Youji's Art Exhibition-Teaser
10 Jun - 26 Aug
A Pen and a Piece of Paper; A Point, a Line and a Circle; Disclosing the Aspiration of a Practitioner of Humanistic Buddhism ...
24 Season Drumming Group-Teaser
9 Jul - 20 Jul
Learn to drum; Make new friends; Have some fun ...
2018 International Youth Seminar On Life and Ch’an-Teaser
22 Jul - 3 Aug
Using the Three Acts of Goodness (Do good deeds; Speak good words; Think good thoughts) as the guiding philosophy, provide a communication platform for outstanding and talented youths worldwide. ...
Official Launch of Nan Tien Bridge-Teaser
28 Jul
Welcome to Official Launch of Nan Tien Bridge ...
2018 Baby Blessing Ceremony-Teaser
31 Mar - 27 Oct
Baby Blessing Ceremony is an opportunity to bless your child(ren) under the protection and guidance of the Buddha so they may live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. ...
Nan Tien Buddhist Temple Chatswood Upcoming Events 3-8-Teaser
22 Mar - 30 Jul
Nan Tien Buddhist Temple Chatswood Upcoming Events Mar - July ...
Nan Tien Chinese School-Teaser
3 Mar - 17 Nov
Children's Meditation; Mandarin class; Buddhist Stories and Virtues; Tai Chi; Art & Craft; Team Building Mindful Games ...
Nan Tien Chinese School at Parramatta-Teaser
20 Feb - 22 Dec
Nan Tien Chinese School at Parramatta ...
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