Upcoming Events

Time Table

31 Jan - 3 Mar
Nan Tien Temple
IBAA Parramatta
IBAA Sydney
IBAA Chatswood
IBAA Kogarah
2018 Light Offering for the new year-Teaser Poster
Light Offering to Welcome New Year ...
31 Mar - 27 Oct
Nan Tien Temple
2018 Baby Blessing Ceremony-Teaser Poster
Baby Blessing Ceremony is an opportunity to bless your child(ren) under the protection and guidance of the Buddha so they may live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. ...
3 Jan - 28 Feb
A Letter to Dharma Protectors and Friends in 2018-Teaser Poster
25 Dec - 28 Feb
Nan Tien Temple
“Zen” has always been an important subject of Tian Xutong’s creation, but he does not deliberately “draw the Zen” but naturally expresses his own life concept and life accomplishment in the “zen type” ink painting works with Chinese cultural characteristics. ...
4 Nov - 28 Feb
Nan Tien Temple
Nan Tien Temple and Branch Temples Upcoming Events Nov 2017-Feb 2018-Teaser Poster
Nan Tien Temple and Branch Temples Upcoming Events Nov 2017-Feb 2018 ...
3 Nov - 28 Feb
IBAA Chatswood
IBAA Chatswood Upcoming Events Nov 2017 - February 2018-Teaser Poster
7 Oct - 3 Mar
Nan Tien Temple
Book Club-Teaser Poster
Welcoming you to the turning points Book Club ...

Social Education

3 Mar - 17 Nov
Nan Tien Temple
Nan Tien Chinese School-Teaser Poster
Children's Meditation; Mandarin class; Buddhist Stories and Virtues; Tai Chi; Art & Craft; Team Building Mindful Games ...
25 Dec - 28 Feb
Nan Tien Temple
Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s One-Stroke Calligraphy Exhibition & Tea Chan Exhibition-Teaser Poster
"One-stroke Calligraphy" means t ha t every piece of calligraphy written by Venerable Master Hsing Yun is done in one stroke, no discontinuation is allowed from beginning to end. Venerable Master Hsing Yun faced 40 odd years of diabetes that led to a serious eye condition, along with retinal detachment. ...

Meditation & Classes

3 Feb - 31 Mar
Nan Tien Temple
Self-development and Cultivation Saturday (Free classes for adults & children)  -Teaser Poster
Allow yourself to relax and regroup as we entertain the kids with enriching programs! ...
20 Oct - 23 Oct
IBAA Parramatta

Dharma Service

24 Feb
Nan Tien Temple
2018 Offering to Buddhas and Celestial Guardians Dharma Service-Teaser Poster
Supporting the Triple Gem will generate immeasurable merits. Heavenly guardians will also protect those who are devout and make sincere offerings. ...
28 Jan
Nan Tien Temple
Commemoration of Ancestor  Dharma Function-Teaser Poster
Commemoration of Ancestor is the practice of filial piety to show gratitude to one’s ancestors. ...