Upcoming Events

Time Table

28 Jul
Nan Tien Temple
Official Launch of Nan Tien Bridge-Teaser Poster
Welcome to Official Launch of Nan Tien Bridge ...
8 Dec - 12 Dec
Nan Tien Temple
2018 Short Term Monastic Retreat-Teaser Poster
To provide lay Buddhists with an opportunity to learn traditional Buddhist etiquettes, to experience monastic lifestyle and to cultivate the mind and the body. ...
10 Jun - 26 Aug
Nan Tien Temple
Venerable Youji's Art Exhibition-Teaser Poster
A Pen and a Piece of Paper; A Point, a Line and a Circle; Disclosing the Aspiration of a Practitioner of Humanistic Buddhism ...
31 Mar - 27 Oct
Nan Tien Temple
2018 Baby Blessing Ceremony-Teaser Poster
Baby Blessing Ceremony is an opportunity to bless your child(ren) under the protection and guidance of the Buddha so they may live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. ...
22 Mar - 30 Jul
IBAA Chatswood
Nan Tien Buddhist Temple Chatswood Upcoming Events 3-8-Teaser Poster
20 Feb - 22 Dec
IBAA Parramatta
Nan Tien Chinese School at Parramatta-Teaser Poster
Nan Tien Chinese School at Parramatta ...

Social Education

22 Jul - 3 Aug
2018 International Youth Seminar On Life and Ch’an-Teaser Poster
Using the Three Acts of Goodness (Do good deeds; Speak good words; Think good thoughts) as the guiding philosophy, provide a communication platform for outstanding and talented youths worldwide. ...
3 Mar - 17 Nov
Nan Tien Temple
Nan Tien Chinese School-Teaser Poster
Children's Meditation; Mandarin class; Buddhist Stories and Virtues; Tai Chi; Art & Craft; Team Building Mindful Games ...

Meditation & Classes

19 May - 22 Dec
Nan Tien Temple
Free Meditation Class for Adults and Children (Saturday)-Teaser Poster
Allow yourself to relax and regroup as we entertain the kids with enriching programs! ...
20 Oct - 23 Oct
IBAA Parramatta

Dharma Service

26 Aug
Nan Tien Temple
Ullambana Festival &  Amitabha Triple Contemplation Service-Teaser Poster
Ullambana Festival is a traditional event dating back to Buddha’s time to promote filial piety and gratitude to our parents.The merits of chanting can be transferred either to our deceased ancestors to alleviate them from the lower realms or to our parents to help them eradicate bad karma so that they may enjoy peace and blessings. ...